Does My Car Need a Summer Tune-Up?

Does My Car Need a Summer Tune-Up?

Does My Car Need a Summer Tune-Up?

The summer is an ideal time for a tune-up, as the winter is an often trying season for drivers and their vehicles. If it's been a while since you've taken your car for a tune-up, your vehicle will find many ways of telling you so. Here are a few telling signs your car needs some TLC, and whether you need a tune-up or a subprime auto loan for your next vehicle, feel free to contact us at Elmwood Car Sales Ltd. in Edmonton, AB.

Your Dashboard Lights Come On

Warning lights can appear on your dashboard for many reasons, some more serious than others. That said, if you spot a dash light that's red, your vehicle likely needs immediate attention, and you can entrust our technicians with a proper diagnosis of the issue and the needed repairs.

You Hear Strange Noises

Drivers know what smooth performance sounds like, so strange and unpleasant sounds are usually alarming and easy to detect. Screeching, grinding, and other noises can be due to one or several issues, but since it's difficult for many drivers to diagnose the issue strictly from sound, we suggest having one of our certified technicians look at your car to find the root of the problem.

Sluggish Acceleration & Poor Fuel Economy

If your car has gone without a tune-up for some time, you'll start seeing the effects in its performance, namely poor fuel efficiency and slower, lethargic acceleration. Whether you need an oil or filter change, brake maintenance, tire rotation, or wheel alignment, you'll end up spending more at the pumps than usual and take longer to reach top speeds if you neglect to book your vehicle for a tune-up.

Your Car Starts Stalling

Stalling often means your vehicle is experiencing some serious issues. If your engine dies, it could be due to anything from ignition issues to a faulty fuel pump to a dead battery. Whatever the cause of your stalling may be, we strongly suggest visiting our Service Centre to get these issues rectified.

As a top-notch used car dealership, Elmwood Car Sales Ltd. offers more than a dependable Service Centre, as we can provide every consumer with a used car buying guide to ensure that they find the model that suits them best. We can also help you compare certified vs. non-certified pre-owned vehicles, so you can make an informed decision during your search. For further details, contact us at Elmwood Car Sales today.

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